Recent interview projects Greg Norman’s expressed disdain for hatred borne criticis….

In a recent interview, Greg Norman expressed his disdain for those who criticized LIV by declaring that he found hatred to be repugnant.

The treatment of pro golfers who joined LIV Golf still bothers Greg Norman.

The updates regarding the ongoing discussions between the Saudi Arabia PIF, which funds LIV Golf and PGA Tour are still unknown. Meanwhile, Greg Norman, CEO of LIV is not waiting for news to plan ahead. However, he disclosed in a recent interview that part of him is still preoccupied with past conflicts.

During his interview with Bloomberg News, Norman delved into the present state of LIV and its prospects for future growth. He also revisited the contentious roots of this emerging league and recounted challenges encountered from others in the golf industry.

The reason behind Greg Norman’s empathy towards LIV Golf’s adversaries.

“In the early stages, we faced strong headwinds as monopolists dominated the global market,” Norman informed Bloomberg. “Nonetheless, our platform or business model was able to operate collaboratively within the ecosystem.”

Norman asserted that he did not encounter any opposition to LIV when interacting with people, contrary to the negative reception his Tour received from the media.

Throughout my three-year tenure as CEO and commissioner of LIV Golf, no one has ever approached me to criticize our actions. This serves as a testament to the positive reception of our product by many individuals.

He took a subtle jab at the PGA Tour, stating that those who wish to hinder progress for misguided motives have failed to maintain their standing in golf. He emphasized how his effort has successfully injected more financial resources into the sport and it is now recognized as an asset class.

Norman kept his most powerful language for the initial reviewers of LIV Golf, particularly those who criticized the first cohort of professionals to sign on. He considered their treatment of these athletes as “revolting.”

Norman praised the first movers, expressing admiration for their perseverance against a significant challenge. He also found it revolting that these individuals received an excessive amount of animosity and contempt, considering all they have accomplished in golf and how well they represent various institutions associated with this sport.

Regarding what lies ahead, Norman envisions LIV becoming the dominant force in golf beyond US shores. He cites their impressive lineup of venues as proof of their triumphs towards achieving that goal.

A few years back, we were able to hit around nine U.S. venues and five international ones. However, things have changed since then: the tables have turned as more doors opened up for us globally than in our hometowns nowadays. While it still takes time for America to catch on, the rest of the world has been nothing but welcoming towards us lately!

“In the end, our plan is to make the game available worldwide.”

Although Norman is confident, the fate of LIV Golf remains uncertain. The extent to which LIV will be incorporated into the PGA Tour and PIF alliance cannot be determined until an official agreement has been reached through negotiations.

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