Lewis Hamilton shows his true character after George Russell beat him at Austrian GP

Ted Kravitz told Sky Sports F1 viewers what Lewis Hamilton was doing to find time after losing out to team-mate George Russell.

It was the younger Briton who had the upper hand during qualifying for the Sprint race at the Austrian Grand Prix.

He had a smooth session while, in contrast, Hamilton struggled to find a rhythm after almost losing control of his car at the first corner on his maiden flying lap.

The seven-time F1 champion scraped through to SQ2 and then reached the top 10, but again never looked comfortable behind the wheel of his car.

A bit of a gap between Hamilton and Russell,” the Sky F1 reporter said. ”

“After the session, Hamilton made it clear he had not enjoyed the session at all.

“As he warned, overtaking was at a premium in the Sprint.

Hamilton finished in the exact same place he started, while Russell also did the same but was placed under pressure by Carlos Sainz who fought him throughout for fourth place.

It would have been slightly disappointing for Russell, who had talked up his chances of fighting for the podium but finished several seconds behind the three cars ahead.

“Max Verstappen won the Sprint after surviving an early attack from Lando Norris.

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